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Until our environment (air, water and soils) is polluted, we cannot tackle this issue solely by extending the medical facilities or building more hospitals. Our main objective is to educate communities regarding the root causes of some of the major health issues in Northern India that are linked to environmental and pollution problems as well as promoting sustainable and eco-friendly alternatives.

We have already installed the first roof-top solar panel power system for a rural Government Primary School of village Barundi, Punjab. This is the first Government Primary School to go on solar. A number of projects are under consideration including providing off grid small scale hybrid (solar & wind) power generating/back-up systems (for lighting, fans) for rural schools, carry out environmental monitoring (land, water & air) as per accredited parameters in highly polluting areas also known as cancer belts of Northern India.

Our team is working with environmental experts, government agencies and environmental charities from the UK and India to identify the key areas and the remit of our projects that can offer maximum benefits to the public.

A wide range of research studies indicated that B.A.M.E. communities living in deprived areas of the UK are more likely to be exposed to environmental pollution. Bedford Borough Council conducted a study of the Borough’s natural environment including: public green space; nature reserves; rivers and lakes; trees; woodlands and countryside.


The long term conditions of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and dementia are much more prevalent in deprived communities, which often have the least access to green space.

The UK national countryside visitor survey data indicates the B.A.M.E. groups are among those groups who had the lowest number of countryside green space visits. Therefore, our teams are working with the B.A.M.E. communities in Bedfordshire to raise awareness of the above issues through workshops, organising green days, participation in green space and woodland improvement and other environmental projects.

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