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Working closely with the local charities and community groups, we coordinate education and career advice surgeries for Black Asian and Minority Ethnic (B.A.M.E.) students and communities in Bedfordshire. We support students facing hardships and coordinate youth and community engagement events and workshops covering a wide range of educational subjects.

Working closely with SEVA Trust UK (India) Team, we are extending our projects in a number of rural villages of North India helping students with maintenance grants, school uniform, coaching and mentoring needs and providing needed equipment to the rural schools.

One of our key projects include meeting long term educational needs of children by working with rural Government Schools and Colleges in the states of Punjab and Haryana where majority of the students come from the rural and disadvantaged communities. We are working directly with these educational institutions to identify students from low income backgrounds and offer them a long support by covering their educational needs and costs.

We have a team of experienced advisers and supporting volunteers who are already well connected with the UK educational institutions and with the Indian student societies/unions of various colleges and universities. We connect the needy students with a team of our expert advisers in India and the UK who offer them the required support and guidance (online or face to face where possible). Those students who would like to explore opportunities for higher studies within India or in the UK, our advisers assist them in finding suitable institutions and scholarship/funding sources.

As SEVA Trust UK grows bigger, with your help we plan to support more students extending our collaborations with local schools, colleges, educational groups and charities. Through our network of expert advisers and working closely with the Indian Students and Alumni Unions, we aim to extend our support and guidance to overseas students studying in England as well as the B.A.M.E. communities in Bedfordshire.

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