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To ensure everyone has access to the best education, healthy life choices, welfare support and a sustainable environment regardless of their background.

To empower, inspire and uplift the underprivileged and disadvantaged students and communities, women especially the rural girls, people with disabilities, vulnerable individuals and the rural communities through education, skills development, supporting health care and wellness, care and support for the elderly, eradicating the social evils, promoting social justice, work for animal welfare to end suffering for all animals, work with the communities to end inequality and poverty, protect and improve the natural environment, promote biodiversity and a better care for mother Earth.


We are a registered charity in England and a registered public charitable trust in India. We are committed to transforming lives through:

  • Better Education
  • Promoting Health and Wellbeing
  • Providing Social Welfare and Support
  • Raising awareness and tackling Environmental issue and challenges

This Social movement was initiated and led by Charan Kanwal Singh Sekhon who founded ‘Social Education Voluntary Association (SEVA) Trust UK’ (known as SEVA Trust UK) in 2016. It is the dream of every citizen to see their country well-developed, self-sufficient and capable of supporting all communities. Born and brought up in a rural village of Punjab (India) with limited access to educational advice and support for rural communities, Charan faced many challenges during his education and his initial career in the UK. He wanted to use his experiences to help others which inspired him to form SEVA Trust UK to help and serve people and communities in the UK and India. People from all walks of life, breaking the boundaries of religion, caste, region, etc. have joined the movement and its number is increasing day by day.

SEVA Trust UK’s movement of change and support is spreading fast in the UK and in the north Indian states of Haryana & Punjab and shall move to the other states in due course. SEVA Trust UK believes that social power is a necessary tool to bring change.

Our Trust has been undertaking a wide range of support and development programs in various sectors and areas. In this process, the Trust had not only achieved a tremendous field presence but also had developed a body of professionals from various streams and excellent partnership programs with many NGOs from the UK, India, Canada, USA and other countries. This enables the Trust to undertake and implement various projects of varying nature in a professional manner to reach out to communities and individuals in need.

SEVA Trust UK is further strengthening collaboration with individuals, communities, corporate and other stakeholders to bring best practices and needed support. If you would like to be part of this social movement, please contact us and be part of our mission of Working Together to Inspire, Support and Lift Others.

Social Education Voluntary Association (SEVA) Trust UK

Charity Reg. No. 1172654 (England & Wales) ©Copyright 2016 by SEVA Trust UK All rights reserved.

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